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I Believe Sports provides a variety of help for the student athlete to get recruited and to navigate the recruiting process.  Our partnership with Teammate Basketball is a great way for us to help their student athletes get seen by college coaches and walk them through the recruiting process. 

The first way to help is by offering all their participants 9th-12th grades a free database for athletes to store their information so college coaches can find them and see if they could potentially be the right fit for their programs. 

The next way we can help players is with a professional resume design/profile for players to send to college coaches, we also offer highlight video production which is crucial for each player to help showcase their skills on video for a minimal fee. One of the most important tools for recruits is an athletic resume/profile and highlight video. A well-constructed resume gives college coaches valuable information about a student-athlete’s athletic accomplishments and their academic strengths along with the highlight video.

 I Believe Sports takes your resume and video clips to another level by adding action photos so your resume and highlight video can stand out from the thousands of resumes and videos they see every day! Visit http://www.ibelieve-sports.com/ for more information!